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Social media has a tendency to distort the truth, and often it may be unintentional misguidance. We see and we read, thus we assume things are as we perceive them to be. But in reality, people will post what they choose to post, if you are like myself you leave out the messy and the ugly. Hesitant to put “your business” on display for all to see, you unintentionally reflect an illusion, however things are not always as they seem (in fact, they rarely are). It is not that myself or anyone else is tragedy free, it is simply that we have “chosen” not to post insight on what we are going through or have gone through. In leadership or as a person in general, we must learn to separate the sacred from the secular. So be careful in assuming you know someone based off of social media alone, it is more than likely that you know very little about someone simply based off of their social feed. The only things the online world will know about us is what we “decide” to feed them.
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